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We install quality kitchens expertly, efficiently and at a volume to suit your development so you can deliver your project on time and on budget

With so many variables at play, completing projects on time and within budget is one of the biggest challenges for property developers and homebuilders.

Another is the differing focus points for your Sales & Marketing and Commercial teams.

Commercial needs to ensure all projects are financially viable, while the main focus for Sales & Marketing is on making sure the installed kitchens are both inspiring and aspirational, setting your project apart from other housebuilders.

At Silver Birch Interiors, we’ve built our business on finding proactive solutions to these and many more of the industry’s most common challenges.


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Budget constraints

There’s a world of difference between delivering a kitchen on budget and delivering a budget kitchen. 

 The relationships we’ve built with our carefully selected supply chain enable us to secure the on-trend, desirable products that Sales & Marketing teams want with the longer-term price guarantees that Commercial teams need.

Managing customer expectations

Without clear and concise communication between your sales teams and your customers, misunderstandings and disappointments can easily occur.

This is why we’ve developed a very clear, precise strategy for presenting our kitchens.

This empowers sales teams with the product knowledge they need to confidently discuss with your customers which features are standard and which are customisable extras.

Our clients love the fact that our kitchen presentation gives their customers the flexibility to easily transition from our standard specification to something more bespoke that suits their personal style and taste. However, all options are controlled to ensure no adjustment is needed to on-site service locations.

We also have a gorgeous showroom in Blantyre where your clients can see all the Silver Birch Collections in one place and gain a real understanding of how everything they’ve so far seen on paper could look inside their home. Our new showroom in Livingston opens in 2025.

Keeping up with trends

Busy housebuilders and developers seldom have time to stay up to date with popular kitchen design trends. Yet the industry is one of the most dynamic in the building sector, with new colours, products and ideas being introduced every year.

Your digitally aware consumers expect them to be part of your offering.

At Silver Birch Interiors, we do all the heavy lifting for you.

We keep an eye on popular trends, ensuring your kitchen range is updated as soon as new products are launched. We also keep track of the introduction of new appliances, sinks, taps and lighting introducing them into our customisable options packs where appropriate. 

By making sure our designs and options are always on-trend, we can guide your Sales & Marketing teams so they can clearly communicate the latest colours, styles and options to your clients.

Delivery deadlines

An industry-wide shortage of materials and quality labour means many projects are running behind programme. With kitchen installations often the last part of the construction phase, we focus on ensuring all works are executed to the highest standard – regardless of the time constraints that may occur.


Thanks to our extensive and highly flexible pool of expert kitchen installation specialists, we can allocate more teams to those projects under the tightest deadlines. 

In addition, the recent expansion of our fleet to include a new 7.5-tonne truck means we can deliver multiple kitchens to a single site. Our fitters can now install more kitchens at a time, significantly speeding up final delivery.

 These are just two of the reasons why we were able to deliver and install 24 kitchens in just four weeks for one of our clients. 

Silver birch interiors – senior management team

Alan MacGregor

Alan MacGregor
Managing Director

Never one to take a back seat, Alan is the driving force behind everything Silver Birch Interiors does, everything we’ve achieved, and all our future goals and aspirations.

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A kitchen fitter by trade, Alan started the company in 2014. He built it from the ground up, initially working on his own and then slowly growing the business and earning a reputation for exceptional design, installation, and after-sales care. Word of mouth soon spread and the number of customers grew.

In just 10 years, Alan has seen his humble business become the largest dealer of Nolte kitchens in Scotland. It has also won the coveted title of Scotland’s Best Kitchen Company four times – in 2017, 2018, 2022 and 2023 (Scottish Home Improvement Award).

Despite this success, Alan hasn’t forgotten why he started Silver Birch in the first place – to help people create amazing living spaces in their own homes or those of their clients. In doing so, he always strives to allow his team the freedom to push the boundaries of what’s achievable with kitchen design, and continues to find new and innovative ways to improve the service we provide.

Ailleen Thomson

Aileen Thomson
Contracts Manager

Aileen expertly coordinates and manages the kitchen tender process for developers and homebuilders, ensuring timeframes and margins are respected and quality standards upheld.

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Before joining Silver Birch Interiors, Aileen worked for 10 years at Kitchens International, one of the UK’s largest luxury kitchen suppliers. The wealth of knowledge she gained there makes her an invaluable asset to our senior management team, and we are privileged to have her with us.

 One of Aileen’s biggest responsibilities is ensuring clients are happy throughout the full project journey, which is particularly important when dealing with the various departments of each builder and developer, and is a key contribution to the success of many contracts.

 She attributes her success to the strong relationships she’s built with our supply chain. This helps her deliver the luxury and quality that Sales & Marketing teams want with the longer-term price guarantees Commercial teams need.

Gordon Boyd

Gordon Boyd
Operations Director

Gordon has a deep understanding of the kitchen installation industry. He manages all aspects of our retail and contracts installations, and has a proven ability to drive operational quality and deliver exceptional results.

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With a background in manufacturing joinery, a passion for problem-solving, and over 20 years’ experience in the industry, becoming the operations director of a specialist, award-winning luxury kitchen design and installation company like Silver Birch Interiors was a natural step.

 Before joining us in 2021, Gordon was the area manager for Nolte, one of our primary suppliers. His extensive knowledge of their exceptional products gives our clients immense peace of mind when choosing elements from the brand for their homes.

 Gordon is always looking for new and improved operational processes to optimise efficiency and quality for all installations and is committed to ensuring that all projects are completed to the highest standard.

Silver Birch Interiors – Blantyre Showroom

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