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Our newly married Clients had purchased a partially listed 2-bedroom bungalow on Hamilton Road in Mount Vernon, in 2016. They had plans to extend the full width of the back of the building and across three levels.

Shortly after they had finalised plans, we met them both in our showroom and started working on designs. The space which was a large open plan basement living area measuring 11×5.7 Meters in depth – giving us lots of room to work with. We worked closely with the client on their detailed brief and one of the major factors was incorporating a 12-seater dining table. This was to be positioned in the center of the large walnut staircase in which you entered the space, with living to one side and the kitchen to the other. The client loved the idea of one large striking power wall which included walnut elements to tie in with the staircase. This allowed us to go quite bold with colors which led to the mixture of Black Matt units accented with Walnut wall units to create warmth and the walnut feature the client loved. We went for white on the island to create a stark contrast and to incorporate the Marquina Silestone – The black worktop contrasted with the white units, but the white vein tied it all together. The island sat at 3.1m allowing us to maximize the storage and working area while still managing to use 1 slab of stone – avoiding any joins to keep the vein detail constant.

The design was confirmed which meant planning and scheduling could be finalised, the installation was to be carried out in 2017. Unfortunately, due to structural complications on the original front of the building the full thing had to be knocked down. This meant that the project had to have change of planning to refurbishment and extension to a new built property. The clients had to go back to the drawing board and start again, although this was a setback there was positives – They were able to dig under the original house. Once they had dug out under the original building, they were able to create a larger area than they had originally intended. This meant they now had the space to use the original layout but add a large utility, boiler rooms, toilet, pool/cinema and bar area. The redesign and planning challenges meant we didn’t arrive on site till late 2018, two years after we had originally met.






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