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Small Luxury Kitchens in Glasgow

Small Luxury Kitchens in Hamilton by Silver Birch Interiors

Designing a Small Luxury Kitchen to Amaze Your Guests

The size of your kitchen doesn’t have to dictate the style and luxury you can fit inside! The team at Silver Birch Interiors can turn even a tiny space into one that evokes elegance and sophistication. Regardless of your space constraints or style needs, our design team wants to consult with you. We will take into account your aspirations for the kitchen, as well as its functionality. With years of experience in the design industry and numerous successful projects in our catalogue, we’re pleased to offer Glasgow residents our expertise. We work with homeowners, interior designers, architects, housing developers, and many others.

Add These Elements to Your Kitchen

Designing your kitchen from scratch leaves you with lots to think about. Do you know what you want? Where we can guide you form an idea to reality from furniture suppliers, Worktops manufacturers and the difference materials and their USP’s appliances brands and their specifications, do you prefer understated lighting fixtures or something more grandiose? These are all questions our experienced team can help you answer. We’ll guide you through our design brief process to being, while following up with detailed information through every phase from the initial design brief, the Survey, renovation process, from finding inspiration to the final installation, sign-off and aftercare.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas to Get Inspired

Are you having trouble narrowing down your design options? Perhaps you’ve seen stunning kitchens featured in catalogues, but you don’t know how to explain your unique vision. Below, you’ll find some lovely small kitchen design ideas to get you started. Keep in mind that we can customise any of these styles to your liking:


Leave the past behind with the sleek lines and minimalist elements of contemporary kitchens. While this style typically values simplicity, that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own personal touch. Many modern kitchens can incorporate artistic elements and an industrial atmosphere.


Perhaps you want a kitchen reminiscent of an old country cottage. In that case, a rustic farmhouse style may be calling your name. These kitchens are often associated with comfort and cosiness. Many homeowners also choose to add natural materials and design elements, such as wood, woven baskets, and plants.


With a Mediterranean style kitchen, you’ll feel like you’re vacationing on the Grecian coast every day. These kitchens combine old-world elegance with the modernity of whites and earth tones. Plus, you can always add a pop of colour with a backsplash, accessories or mosaic.

Mid-Century Modern

Evoke the atmosphere of a simpler time with a mid-century modern design. This style melds contemporary function with the feel of a mid-century space. You can stick with traditional white, or you can add some flair with a pop of colour.


Do you fancy yourself a globe trekker? Bring some of that international style into your kitchen! Our team has experience with a variety of projects designed to evoke images of Japanese rose blossoms or the American Southwest. No matter which international style intrigues you, we can accommodate.

Take a Look at Our Past Projects

Do you need a little extra inspiration? We welcome you to browse our past projects. Here, you’ll see some of our most successful kitchen designs. Our team has created everything from by-the-book modern kitchens to entirely-customised contemporary designs. You may feel drawn to the bright whites and eggshell tones of the Paterson kitchen, or you may prefer modern elegance of the Marshall kitchen. Whatever strikes your fancy, our team can help you make it a reality.

Learn More from Our Team

No matter what style piques your interest, the team at Silver Birch Interiors is here to help. We work with residents from throughout Glasgow and the surrounding communities to renovate their small kitchens. After all, a small space doesn’t have to mean a small style. Our seasoned design team will help to maximise your space with clever layouts, compact appliances, and tried-and-true design techniques. Contact us today to get started.

Discuss Your Options with Our Team

Do you have a particular design in mind for your kitchen? Perhaps you want to start from scratch, or maybe you already have a focal point you’d like to base your design around. Regardless of your circumstances, Silver Birch Interiors are the company to call whenever you embark on a new kitchen design project. Our seasoned design experts will help you from start to finish, brainstorming the initial colours and features and seeing you through the installation process. Learn how to reinvigorate your Glasgow home when you contact us today.


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