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Luxury Modern Kitchens with Island in Glasgow

Luxury Modern Kitchens with Island in Hamilton by Silver Birch Interiors

Stunning Modern Kitchen Island Designs

A kitchen island is often thought of as a hallmark of luxury. Not only does a kitchen island mean more meal preparation space, but it can also function as a seating area and place for storage. If you’re planning to add a kitchen island to your luxury modern kitchen, get in touch with Silver Birch Interiors. We’re specialists in creating luxury modern kitchens with an island, regardless of your style preferences. Our team is proud to help homeowners and house developers throughout Glasgow to design an exceptional kitchen. Learn more about how we can help you plan your luxury modern kitchen and island.

Elements of a Modern Kitchen

So, you’re interested in a modern kitchen design. Depending on who you ask, modern can mean a variety of different things. In order to get the results, you envision, it’s best to consider all the elements of a modern kitchen beforehand. Fortunately, Silver Birch Interiors are here to help you navigate all phases of kitchen design and installation. As you create your luxury modern kitchen, be sure to consider the following:


Flat-panel or slab-doors are often considered a hallmark of modern kitchens. This option creates the clean lines that this style is known for with a variety of options in matt, gloss, woods, concretes, metals, lacquers, real stone, hand finish cement, wooden veneers the list is endless.

Frameless Cabinets

With so many cabinets to choose from, it’s challenging to select one that really feels modern. Most often, we recommend frameless cabinets to give you the contemporary look you desire.


Stainless steel or other clean, sleek appliances tend to work best in a modern kitchen. We also suggest choosing hardware for your cabinets and drawers that complement your appliances.

Horizontal Lines

As you might glean from the previous points, horizontal lines are an essential feature of any modern kitchen. You might use cabinets, doors, an island, or appliances to introduce these lines.

Accent Pieces

Modern design is not famed for using many colours or décor pieces. However, at the end of the day, it’s your space. Consider what kinds of accent pieces you’d like in your kitchen. If staying true to modern design is important to you, be sure to ask our team about your décor picks.


Designing Your Ideal Island

Once you know what modern elements you’d like in your kitchen, it’s time to start thinking about the island itself. We offer our clients the chance to create a customised, luxury island that meets all their needs. Be sure to answer these questions as you design your island:

What kinds of appliances will be installed in the island?

How much space is available?

How should this island function?

What height should the worktop be?

How storage space should I plan for, and what type?

What seating arrangements would you like?

Take a Look at Our Past Designs

Are you in need of some inspiration? Our team has undertaken numerous projects involving modern kitchens and islands over our years in business. You can take a look at some of our favourite kitchens in our gallery. Perhaps you’ll want something similar to the Cassidy kitchen, with a minimalist aesthetic and streamlined design. Maybe you prefer to add some colour to your modern design. In that case, you might feel drawn to the Marshall kitchen, with a neutral-toned island and pops of green throughout the space. If you’re still stuck on the brainstorming phase, don’t hesitate to reach out to our design team for help.

Call Our Showroom Today

Don’t wait to design and install the kitchen island of your dreams! The team at Glasgow’s Silver Birch Interiors is happy to help you create your design and see you through the installation process. We can assist with planning a modern aesthetic, as well as creating your very own custom kitchen island. Our team understands your focus on luxury living and elegant features, so we’re able to give you the kitchen you’ve always envisioned. Contact us today to consult with us.


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