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German Kitchen Design in Glasgow

German Kitchen Design in Hamilton by Silver Birch Interiors

All You Need to Know About German Kitchen Design

We all aspire to one day live in the lap of luxury. While most people see this lifestyle as a far-off dream, you may be closer than you think! At Silver Birch Interiors, we’re dedicated to helping Glasgow homeowners create their dream kitchens, whether they prefer Clean, modern, contemporary, traditional or rustic designs. Among our top services have to do with German kitchen design. Clients visit our showroom to take a look at our design portfolio and get a sense of what German style kitchens can offer. No matter if you already have some fixtures picked out or you’re starting from scratch, our team can help. We will assist you in designing a stunning German kitchen that will amaze your family and friends.

What Is a German Kitchen?

Germany has long had a reputation for excellent kitchen manufacturers that design with quality in mind. Many German kitchens come with a few set features, and then each client can customise the space with unique finishes, fixtures, and appliances. Elements of a German kitchen are often made to order, so each component can be constructed to fit your measurements exactly. When you choose a German kitchen, you can expect exemplary engineering, top-notch technology, and fantastic functionality.

Incorporate These Features into Your German Kitchen

So, what makes a kitchen uniquely German? While there is no one-size-fits-all designer German kitchen, there are a few elements that most, if not all, German kitchens boast. As you start dreaming up German kitchen design ideas, be sure to consider incorporating the following features and styles:

Contemporary Design

Modernity is a hallmark of German kitchen design. That means high-tech appliances with novel features, sleek lines, and minimalistic colour palettes. However, outside of the UK, German kitchen design is seldom confined to contemporary styles. You can still have a German kitchen if you love mid-century modern or traditional design.

Exceptional Lighting

No one wants to cook in a dark kitchen. German kitchens tend to be particularly efficient with emotion lighting systems. Recessed or hidden lighting is common, as is taking full advantage of any natural light available. Lighting in German kitchens is designed to be understated and streamlined while still adding an air of elegance.

Design Options

German kitchen design doesn’t confine you to a select range of colours and patterns. Rather, German kitchens often feature lots of variety. You may choose bold colours and dark accent pieces, or you might prefer neutral shades and natural stone worktops. Whatever your personal style, you’ll find a design that you love within the versatility of a German kitchen.

Working with Top Brands

German engineering is well-known for its high standards and commitment to quality. However, few brands are better known for their top-notch design and durability than Nolte. Nolte has been voted “Germany’s Best Manufacturer of the Year” the last four years. Silver Birch Interiors is delighted to supply this exclusive brand as one of its largest dealers in the UK. We offer a wide selection of Nolte products to complete your kitchen. Highlights of this high-end brand include maximised storage space, top-quality materials, and fresh technology.

See the Results for Yourself!

If you still aren’t sure if German kitchen design is for you, take a look at our gallery. There, you’ll find a few of our favourite past projects. Perhaps you love the dark worktops in the Cassidy kitchen, or maybe you’re planning on incorporating the seating of the Marshall kitchen into your own design. If you see something you like, please let our team know. We’re committed to giving you the kitchen of your dreams!

Get in Touch with Us Today

Whether you’re ready to install a German kitchen or you’d like to explore more design options, don’t hesitate to speak with the team at Silver Birch Interiors. We’re dedicated to making your kitchen vision a reality. Our expert design team only works with the best materials and manufacturers to provide you with the best finished product possible. Reach out to our Glasgow team today to learn more about our range of design options.


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